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Menzies’ 1941 Diary

Menzies’ diary is a candid record of decision-making in foreign and military policy, including his doubts over the leadership style of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Convict Love Tokens: Feature detail 2

Convict Love Tokens

Convicts transported to Australia in the early colonial days would create mementoes for faraway loved ones, inscribing messages on coins. The interactive showcases over 300 tokens, with detailed photography, transcriptions, and background information.

The horses at Flemington

Flemington on Cup Day

Our most complex front end build to date. Flemington on Cup Day fuses art with bleeding edge web standards and yet miraculously still works well in older web browsers. Shortlisted for the 2011 McFarlane Prize.

Decaf Sucks

A thing we built: Decaf Sucks

We hate bad coffee. We hate the way it tastes, the way it smells, and most of all we hate forking over hard earned cash for a poorly made espresso.

Decaf Sucks is an app we built to help each other to find the good cafés and avoid the bad ones.

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