Icelab is an interactive design studio that operates
out of state-of-the-art laboratories in Canberra
and Melbourne.

Actually, one’s a modernist city office with supervillain ball chairs, a kitchen and a great coffee machine. The other, a warehouse space with lots of light and a couple of beanbags. Both have a bunch of bicycles. And itinerant co-working designers. Come and visit — we’d love to have a chat about how we could work together.

We’re a small team of people that like doing interesting things, and we try to be the best at what we do. Sometimes we succeed.


Made out of people

Michael Honey



Photograph of Michael Honey

Michael has a long history in design-related fields: His skills include writing and strategic communication thinking; interactive design and development; writing, editing, and post-production for television and video; print design and production; and environmental/spatial design. He also lectures at the University of Canberra.

Tim Riley


Director, Developer

Photograph of Tim Riley

Tim is a full-stack developer & software architect. He works across all the layers of a modern web application, from the database, to the applications running on the server and in the browser, then to final deployment to reliable & scalable cloud hosting. He enjoys reaching across these layers to build a cohesive, well-considered app, with everything put in the right place. He also has plenty of experience in working in the mobile context, building native iOS apps and their corresponding APIs as well as mobile-focused web apps.

Tim is driven by contributing to beautiful user- and customer-driven applications. He’ll dive into any aspect of an application, in any technology, if it will help serve a well-fitting end result.

Max Wheeler


Director, Designer, Developer

Photograph of Max Wheeler

An interaction designer with a passion for emerging technologies, Max believes interactive media should function as beautifully as it looks. His attention to detail, along with his appreciation for aesthetic and user experience, give him the foundation for crafting engaging and usable web experiences.

Since joining Icelab in early 2007 Max has worked with the Icelab team on projects across the web, print and television, for clients in government, retail, education and engineering.

Andy McCray


Designer, Developer

Photograph of Andy McCray

Andy joined Icelab in January 2011 as a front-end designer. Andy has followed in Max’s footsteps, recently completing a Bachelor of Arts (New Media Arts) across the road from the lab at the Australian National University. Andy started designing for the web during his high school years, when he created Harry Potter Fan Zone, a site which he has developed and maintained to this day. As such, he already sports a long history of practical, hands-on experience with web design and development. This has made Andy immediately productive here at Icelab, and he’s been instrumental in helping us get projects out the door in a timely way.

Narinda Reeders


Photograph of Narinda Reeders

Narinda is a developer and media artist with more years experience than she cares to count. She studied computer science in the mid 90s and has worked in organisations of all shapes and sizes. She also has an honours degree from the Victorian College of the Arts, and her photographs and interactive installations have been exhibited widely.

Narinda was a web developer during the dot com boom and bust, and went on to become an Oracle database specialist. She has been honing her skills in web and mobile development since 2007 when she left her corporate job in search of a more agile and creative working environment. She comes to Icelab from Inventive Labs, where she was the go-to girl for custom Blueprint CMS developments, mobile web and iOS applications, and custom Rails applications.

Toby Allder


Photograph of Toby Allder

Toby joins Icelab in 2012 after working as a front-end designer for Melbourne design studios Inventive Labs and the Golden Grouse. He doesn’t drink coffee, or use Twitter but has a passion for building clean and functional sites and email newsletters.









Melissa Kaulfuss

Project Manager

Photograph of Melissa Kaulfuss

Melissa brings with her a diverse range of experience. She has a degree in Computer mediated art, is a trained tattoo artist and has a passion for contemporary art and design. Melissa loves cycling, skiing, banh mi and a good natter. On the flipside – possibly due to her German heritage – she thrives on efficiency. Melissa believes the key to any project’s success is effective communication; to ensure both client and development teams are working together harmoniously, all focused squarely on the same goal. She loves being part of the action and is driven to see projects delivered on time with delighted clients, satisfied developers but above all sleek well designed websites.

John McLennan


Designer, Developer

Photograph of John McLennan

John joined the Melbourne Icelab office in early 2013, following five years running small web design studio The Golden Grouse (nee Barking Sparrows). He has a Bachelor of Multimedia Design from Monash University, though opportunities to author interactive CD-ROMs are rare these days.

John comes to Icelab with a significant back-catalogue of web design and development work for entertainment, publishing, architecture, hospitality and arts-based clients in and around Melbourne.




Andrew Croome



Photograph of Andrew Croome

Andrew joined Icelab in 2013 as a developer. After a long stint as a copywriter and content creator working with technology and start-up clients, he’s decided to return to the technical side after developing a passion for Ruby on Rails. He has a degree in Computer Science and previously worked in development and support roles with Melbourne data consultancy Strategic Data. Andrew also has a PhD in Creative Writing and is the author of the novels Midnight Empire and Document Z, which won the 2008 Vogel’s literary award. His writing has appeared in various publications, including The Age, The Australian and Meanjin. He says that novels and Ruby are not as far apart as some might think.

Sammy Margalit

Designer, Developer

Photograph of Sammy Margalit

Before joining Icelab in late 2013, Sammy worked briefly as a stuntman, parkour instructor and kitchen hand at a Chinese restaurant. Some highlights from his short-lived action career include doubling for Formula1 driver Lewis Hamilton, working on pre-production for the upcoming Mad Max film and providing entertainment for the McDonald’s Managers of Southeast Asia’s 2010 Summit.

Sammy’s first introduction to web design and development was hacking together MySpace themes for his high school girlfriends in exchange for dates on the weekend. He has since picked up a certificate in Graphic Design, exhibited at the Art Gallery of NSW, launched a startup and successfully helped his parents set up email on their new Mac.

Aimee Cowie

Assistant Producer

Photograph of Aimee Cowie

Aimee joins the Canberra team after working across a variety of web and software projects; she has frontend, video production, and project-management fu. She’s no stranger to wrangling multiple diverse projects to ensure they’re delivered on time and on budget. She’s keen to help Icelab continue to ship excellent products as smoothly as possible.

Aimee studied digital media and has a keen interest in all facets of this space; she’s also fluent in emoji and is currently skilling up the Icelab teams in Melbourne and Canberra.



Josephine Hall


Photograph of Josephine Hall

Josephine is a developer with a variety of experience across Australia and New Zealand. Hailing from Wellington, she is the resident Icelab expert on the best coffee and craft beer spots in the windy city. Her main expertise is in CMS frameworks and front-end development but she’s also getting on the Ruby on Rails bandwagon after several years as a .NET dev.

She toyed with the idea of studying design and fine art at University before settling on Computer Science, a decision she only occasionally regrets. When she’s not writing code she still likes to use her creative skills by sewing her own clothes. Her favourite thing about Canberra is the abundance of running trails that she’s had the fortune to explore with her running group.

Nick Binnington


Photograph of Nick Binnington

Nick joined Icelab in 2014 as a developer. He has his fair share of experience with web technology, having created his first website on a Macintosh Centris some years ago. Since that time he has become a bit taller, completed an IT degree, moved to Melbourne, and learnt a thing or two about servers and programming along the way.

Discovering Rails was a nice moment for Nick, ranking alongside using jQuery for the first time. Now he wants to hone his frontend skills and would love to absorb some of the excess creativity floating around the Melbourne office.

Alex Timofeev


Photograph of Alex Timofeev

Alex has spent over ten years in the web industry, and worked across all of its facets: UI/UX design, front-end development, and most recently he’s fallen in love with Ruby on Rails. Over this time, he’s changed more than just his development tools, also moving from lovely (but cold) Russia to warm and hospitable Thailand, where he’s been living for the past few years. This makes Alex one of the first in Icelab’s larger, distributed team.

Alex loves skateboarding, learning languages, running, and Thai massage. He’s looking forward to learning iOS development and continuing to explore more amazing countries and cities.

Chris Buttery


Designer, Developer

Photograph of Chris Buttery

Some people say that Chris convinced Brendan Eich to write JavaScript in 10 days, so they could head off early on a ‘surfari’. Others say he once screened a phone call from Tim Berners-Lee about ‘coming over to checkout something called the internet’. Then there’s people who say Chris codes in HTML7, CSS5 and writes JavaScript so advanced that computers can’t interpret it.

What is definitely known is that when Chris isn’t coding up a storm, he can be found in full trim on the breaks of northern NSW.

Anthony Kolber


Designer, Developer

Photograph of Anthony Kolber

Anthony has run his own graphic & web design practice for the past 8 years, producing a diverse range of work from self-initiated to large-scale commercial projects. Having worked alongside some of Melbourne’s best designers, he has a keen interest in translating and applying formal graphic design systems to the web. In his free time he both maintains and contributes to a number of popular open source projects.

He joined Icelab’s Melbourne team in 2014.